Dr. Wancyzk got me walking when I thought I was permanently paralyzed. My fiance took me from doctor to doctor, carried me down three flights of stairs in his arms to lay me in the back seat, because I couldn’t sit up, being unable to move from the waist down. All the doctors I visited could give me no help and quite frankly I couldn’t figure it out either. As luck would have it, I finally I encountered Dr. Wanczyk and after about a half an hour, she knew just what the problem was. I left her office after she treated me and the next day, I could stand up on my own and walk on crutches. After one more treatments over the course of about a week, I could walk without assistance. That was more than 20 years ago. I am entirely convinced that but for Dr. Wanczyk’s intervention then and other interventions since then, I would be unable to enjoy an active lifestyle. I had several car accidents, I was thrown 15 feet in the air by an obstinate horse before a brutal landing, and fell from a ski lift – all of which resulted in injuries. Dr. Wanczyk got me “back in the saddle” on more than occasion and I can only, as a result, recommend her without reservation to people in need of an alternative remedy.